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Fragances and Flavours

Fragances, fragances trade began in 1729 BC, and in 370 BC, Greek writings recorded fragances plants still in use today, and proposed “adsorption”, “extraction” and other methods. In the 10th century, arabs engaged in the fragances industry and began distilling oil from flowers to extract rose oil and rose water. Chinese fragances were sold to the West along the Silk Road.

In the 18th century, due to the development of organic chemistry, people began to explore the composition and structure of natural fragances, using chemical methods to synthesize fragances.In the 19th century, synthetic fragances were developed after single fragances.In this way, in addition to animal and plant fragances, the addition of coal tar and other synthetic fragances as starting materials, so as to enter a new period of synthetic fragances.Due to the wide source of raw materials, low cost, so that flavours industry to flourish.

Flavours is fragances as raw material, by adjusting the fragrance, and sometimes add appropriate diluent with a mixture of many components called flavours.

With the development of society, today’s fragrances and flavours field still has a broad market, and applied in all walks of life.At the China International Import Expo in 2021,Our laboratory sample dispensing system is integrated with the flavours industry.you will get your bespoke fragrance created by AI within 2 minutes,Show the advantages of the product incisively and vividly.

For many years, laboratory proofing has been carried out by manual operation, but this method has been unable to meet the requirements of product diversity and production efficiency. In addition, due to the deviation of manual proofing process, laboratory proofing and batch are often caused.The large deviation of mass production results in the decline of product quality and the improvement of reject rate. How to improve the efficiency of proofing and ensure the consistency of proofing and production has become a difficult problem for enterprises. Our company has withdrawn completely according to the accumulated experience of distribution equipment and theoretical research in the field of color, and combined with the technological characteristics of various industries. The patent product of intellectual property, laboratory sample dispensing system, has solved this problem.The system uses high precision balance (resolution 0.001g), high precision dispensing valve, to ensure the accuracy and stability of measurement.The system software has the functions of formula analysis, formula adjustment, data statistics and so on. It seamlessly connects with the batch production system, and extends the enterprise production management system, greatly improving the efficiency of production management.Using Windows operating system, strengthening man-machine interface, easy operation, online fault detection and prompting functions of the system can effectively help operators to maintain the system.


In the coming days, we will participate in the 25th China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition to be held in China National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from May 31 to June 2, 2022, At that time, you will experience different us, different innovation, and different harvest!

Post time: Mar-11-2022