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Synthetic Leather

The global synthetic leather market size is expected to grow from USD 63.3 billion in 2020 to USD 82.5 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 4.79% from 2021 to 2027. Globally increasing product demand from the footwear sector is a key factor propelling the overall market growth. Comprised of a cloth base coated with a synthetic resin, artificial leather serves as a suitable alternative, which is also augmenting its demand in various applications, including fabrics, footwear, clothing, upholstery, and others where a leather-like finish is required, and the material is unusable, unsuitable, and cost-prohibitive. Over the past few years, the production process has evolved for the shell coating to go on top of the synthetic polymer blend. Automotive Synthetic Leather Market is growing at a High CAGR during the forecast period 2021-2029. The increasing interest of the individuals in this industry is that the major reason for the expansion of this market.

In 1994, the company introduced international advanced production equipment and technology from Italy, South Korea and Taiwan, with rich experience and technology, producing and operating middle and high grade artificial leather, synthetic leather and polyurethane resin. Production and operation of products, good quality, breed of design and color is diversiform, widely used in the men’s and women’s shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, labor insurance shoes, work shoes, fashion shoes, sofa, furniture, massage chair, leather goods, leather bags, handbags, wallet, documents, stationery, ball games and other sports products, gloves, belts, clothing and other processing production decoration; Fully meet the needs of modern life, give vitality and vitality.


In 2008, after long-term research, we successfully developed dry synthetic leather, wet synthetic leather and other technologies, ending the huge monopoly of synthetic leather industry at home and abroad. We used waterborne polyurethane technology in clothing leather, sofa leather and other fields, making synthetic leather suitable for high-end products, injecting new vitality into China’s synthetic leather industry. Chinese governments at all levels attach great importance to the development of domestic synthetic leather industry. Since the reform and opening up, synthetic leather has been growing at a double-digit rate every year, and the synthetic leather industry is booming.


For the synthetic leather industry to change the way of mixing ingredients, provide green environmental protection mixing, mixing, feeding solutions. Beijing Golden Color Tech Co.,Ltd has developed spraying automatic color mixing and batching system, water plant automatic distribution and feeding system, as well as spectrophotometric color, color mixing, batching and residual material utilization system. The integration of these three systems has formed a complete automatic color mixing and batching solution for the leather industry. The three systems can interconnect with ERP and MER information system. Automatic execution of production orders, data acquisition, real-time monitoring.

Post time: Mar-11-2022