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Dispensing System Solvent Valves Fixed Dispenser

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Automatic solvent-based ink and paint dispenser is suitable for dispensing of solvent-based ink and paint. The pumps, valves, pipes and control systems used can stand all  solvent-based materials. The explosion-proof design meets the requirements of Zone 1 or Zone 2.

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The dispensing valves are placed in a circle, and the flow of the valves are controlled by the opening unit. Valves can be operated at high, medium, low and drip speeds.

Valve quantity: up to 24

Valve seal: free O-ring

Explosion proof type: Positive pressure explosion-proof

Ex grade: Zone 1 or Zone 2

Valve size: DN20-DN40

Pump size: DN15-DN40

Electronic scale: 7-1500kg

Accuracy: up to 0.1g

Container size: >250mm

Efficiency: 3-4min/20kg 6-8min/200kg 20-30min/1500kg


Specification: 1”

Models: 666120-344-c

Pump Type: Metallic Air Operated Double Diaphragm

Maximum Air Inlet Pressure: 120 psig (8.3 bar)

Maximum Material Inlet Pressure: 10 psig (0.69 bar)

Maximum Outlet Pressure: 120 psig (8.3 bar)

Maximum Flow Rate (flooded inlet): 35 gpm (133 lpm)



Models: ICS425

Split type (meter removable),  compact scale with strain gauge load cell

Simple weighing, range from 0.6kg To 600 kg


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