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Dispensing System Water Single Point Dispenser

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Computer control to eliminate human error; Powerful database to provide more color selection; Planned production and real-time production functions shorten production time; Powerful management function, effectively reduce QC operation; Guarantee the accuracy of color matching and improve the reproducibility of color. Rational planning and reduction of stock of raw materials and finished products; Increase production efficiency and reduce labor costs; Ensure accurate production traceability; Reduce pollution and protect environment.

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Valves are placed on swing arms or slide guide. When dispensing, the valve is moved to the central position and the flow of the valve is controlled by the opening unit. Valves can be operated at high, medium, low and drip speeds. This dispensing method can ensure that the material is dispensed into a very small container. The method are divided into swing type and push type.

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Valve quantity: up to 96
Valve seal: free O-ring
Explosion proof type: Positive pressure explosion-proof
Ex grade: Zone 1 or Zone 2
Valve size: DN20-DN65
Pump size: DN15-DN65
Electronic scale: 7-1500kg
Accuracy: up to 0.1g
Container size: >250mm
Efficiency: 4-5min/20kg 8-10min/200kg 20-30min/1500kg

Diaphragm Pump

Specification: 1”

Models: 666120-344-c

Pump Type: Metallic Air Operated Double Diaphragm

Maximum Air Inlet Pressure: 120 psig (8.3 bar)

Maximum Material Inlet Pressure: 10 psig (0.69 bar)

Maximum Outlet Pressure: 120 psig (8.3 bar)

Maximum Flow Rate (flooded inlet): 35 gpm (133 lpm)



Models: ICS425

Split type (meter removable), compact scale with strain gauge load cell

Simple weighing, range from 0.6kg To 600 kg


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