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In order to improve the efficiency of dyeing process and worker’s working intensity, we have developed a dye distribution system according to different process requirements. There are three ways to distribute dye solution: weight, volume and pigment(powder) mixing. The weight type transforms the pigment powder into liquid, and distributes it by weighing, and evenly sends it to the machine after mixing; the volume type is the same as the auxiliaries distribution principle, measured by flow-meter; the pigment(power) mixing is to use color matching first, then turn the matched color powder into liquid, and distribute it to the machine. The advantages of weight distribution lie in its high distribution accuracy; the advantages of volume distribution lie in its high delivery efficiency; and the advantages of powder distribution lie in its accurate color and high distribution efficiency.

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The dispensing head is equipped with a high speed stirrer. Once the dispensing of dye paste is completed, the mixer will start mixing at high speed. The well mixed paste will then be transferred to a buffer tank near to dye tank. The weighting tank (cylinder) comes with an automatic washing system to clean the weighing tank and mixer when the transferring has been completed. This can ensure that no dye residue is left and it is thoroughly clean. The pump and the pipeline will also be flushed, user can set the number of flushing time and length of each flushing through the software to ensure the weighing tank, transferring pump, pipeline and 3-way valves are completely clean and no dye residue left. Flushing water will be discharged into the buffer tank and can be measured by the weighing scale, so the bath ratio of the dye paste in the buffer tank can be controlled

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◆ Fully automatic and accurately distributes the dye and sends it directly to the auxiliary buffer tank next to the machine.

◆ Automatic dispensing of dyes reduces errors caused by manual weighing.

◆ Automatically clean the transferring line to ensure that the pipeline is clean.


High precision dyeing valve: 12-60

Dyeing accuracy : 1g (powder accuracy 0.2g)

Piping line: Inner polished food grade sanitary tube


● Imported high-precision electronic scale, no adjustment required, accurate and reliable.

● The key components of the product are imported products with high reliability.

● Single material filling; accuracy is high.

● Material saving and reduce pollution.

● Easy maintenance and possibility to expand.

● Safe, reliable and economical.


◆ Dispensing accuracy ±1g

◆ Formulation additive neutralization and stable configuration capacity 30L/min

◆ Water flow following site environment)

◆ Auxiliary single delivery minimum amount 1g

◆ Maximum transferring viscosity 60000MPa.s

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