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Dispensing System Pneumatic Automatic Mixer

Short Description:

Computer control to eliminate human error;

Powerful database to provide more color selection;

Planned production and real-time production functions shorten production time;

Powerful management function, effectively reduce QC operation;

Guarantee the accuracy of color matching and improve the reproducibility of color.

Rational planning and reduction of stock of raw materials and finished products;

Increase production efficiency and reduce labor costs;

Ensure accurate production traceability;

Reduce pollution and protect environment.

Product Detail

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Basic configuration

No. of dispensing valve: 12-18

Scale: 35kg±1g, 60kg±1g

Pump: 1/2″

Productivity effect: <4min(30kg)

Stage of dispensing valve: 2

Material of valve: SUS304

With auto mixer

Pneumatic Automatic Mixer (1)


Models: ICS425

Split type (meter removable), compact scale with strain gauge load cell

Simple weighing, range from 0.6kg To 600 kg


Air motor is used for stirring, which can be automatically cleaned after stirring. It is suitable for stirring small size packaging containers.

Piston pneumatic motor

Piston pneumatic motor Mainly consists of: motor shell,connecting rod, crankshaft, piston and cylinder, valve, etc. Compressed air into the air with its core, with rotation by air, will be the core of compressed air into the surrounding air cylinder respectively, due to the expansion of compressed air in cylinder, so as to promote the piston and crankshaft connecting. when the piston is pushed "down dead spots", with the core with air exhaust to first place. The expansion of the gas automatically from the exhaust duct cylinder valve directly after discharge. While the residual gas piston cylinder valve core with all the vent duct, corundum, through such reciprocating cycle can make the crankshaft constantly rotating. Its function mainly comes from the gas expanding power.

Above because the piston air motor has many characteristics, therefore it can be in damp,high temperature, high dust and other work under the harsh environment. In addition to be used in the mining machinery in drilling, drilling, loading equipment, such as motivation, shipbuilding, metallurgy, chemical industry, papermaking, etc are also widely used.

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