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Dispensing System Double Agitator Mixer

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The unit consists pigment dispenser, paste dispenser, mixer, conveyor and control system. pigment dispenser completes the pigment dispensing, using weighing method and high-precision electronic weighing to ensure the high accuracy of pigment; paste dispenser carries out printing paste, binder and water rapidly; Automatic mixer makes pigment and paste fully mixed.

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Pigment valves quantity: up to 96

Paste and water valve  quantity: up to 12

Pigment valves Size: DN15, DN20

Paste and water valve Size: DN40

Type of mixer: L, I automatic cleaning and double-axle mixing

Pigment scale: 150kg±1g

Paste scale: 500kg±20g



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There are two agitator in the mixer. When one of the agitator is stirring, the other one is cleaning. After stirring is completed, the two agitator rise together and rotate at the same time. The cleaned agitator stirs and another agitator cleans. This process is continuous operation and the stirring efficiency is improved. Our company has developed two types of Double agitator mixer, L type and I type.


1. The altitude exceeds not 1000m above sea level.

2. The ambient temperature is neither higher than 40 ℃ nor lower than -15 ℃ although it is always changing with season.

3. The motor cannot be applied in the circumstance where contains inflammable gases, chemical corrosive gases and other harmful gases or steam(Except for the special-purpose motor).

4. Highland, high/low temperature environment motor should be customized.

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