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Fixed Automatic Water-based Ink Paint Dispenser

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Automatic water-based ink /paint dispenser is suitable for accurate distribution of water-based ink and paint .
Number of valves: up to 24
Valve Size: DN8-DN40
Pump Size: DN15-DN40
Electronic Scale: 7-1500kg
Accuracy: up to 0.1g
Efficiency: 3-4 min/20 kg 6-8 min/200 kg 20-30 min/1500 kg

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    Paste is an important component of printing paste, which has a long preparation time and a large amount of usage. The double high-speed paste preparation system uses two high-speed axles to mix, which greatly improves paste-forming efficiency. Paste is made and stored in big tank. Paste is sent to paste distribution unit by high-viscosity pump for distribution, in order to ensure paste quality delivery. The process is equipped with filters.

    This kind of filter is basket filter with 80 – 120 meshes. It is suitable for on-line filtration of paste in textile printing system.


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