Dispensing System Two-Axis Paste Mixer

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In the textile printing industry, paste preparation is an important process, and the dosage of paste is very large. The traditional pasting machine has low efficiency, high energy consumption and high failure rate. In order to meet the needs of customers with high efficiency and quality, we designed two-axis paste mixer. The pasting time is shortened and suitable. Combining various paste preparation, energy-saving motor and frequency conversion technology can reduce energy consumption.

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Paste is an important component of printing paste, which has a long preparation time and a large amount of usage. The double high-speed paste preparation system uses two high-speed axles to mix, which greatly improves paste-forming efficiency. Paste is made and stored in big tank. Paste is sent to paste distribution unit by high-viscosity pump for distribution, in order to ensure paste quality delivery. The process is equipped with filters.

This kind of filter is basket filter with 80 – 120 meshes. It is suitable for on-line filtration of paste in textile printing system.


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